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    This is the Saddle Tree "Homepage"  for the pages that I wanted to have in my site since I build all my own trees. On these Saddle Tree Pages you will find descriptions and pictures of what measurements I am talking about and how they affect the fit of saddle trees. It will make it easier for you to understand what I am talking about when we discuss tree measurements. Some of these pages will be  " under construction" until I get the next bunch of saddle trees built and pictures taken of those. I have a few old pictures but nothing that really shows what I want you to understand about what the measurements do. Just use the page navigation under the main Saddle Tree link by which you found this page above to get to each specific page.

     The saddle tree is I think the most important part of any saddle saddles. No matter what you call them, Buckaroo saddles, ranch saddles, custom saddles, Roping saddles, Wade saddles, western saddles.  In any kind of saddle the tree is the very most important part of the whole saddle. Its the foundation for the saddle, just like a house needs a good foundation so does a saddle. The pages under this Saddle Trees home page are going to be an important pages in the site because not many people understand which measurements change the width of the tree, or what the "bar angle" is, and many other things about saddle trees. The information found on my Tree pages should help with a basic understanding about saddle trees. 

     The tree is really the most important part of the saddle I believe, you have to start with a good tree to have the end product turn out right. The tree determines how and what type horses the saddle will fit and to a large degree how the saddle will fit you. I will have pictures of a tree showing which gullet measurement changes the actual distance the bars are apart and which ones don't. How rawhide is to work with and how it reacts. I will explain what things can cause trouble on some trees. What the rocker, twist, the pads, about horns, and many other things on these pages when they are completed.

     A saddle that sores a horse's back doesn't do anyone any good , you, me, or especially the horse and It needs to fit as many different horses and type of horses as possible. One tree or tree measurements won't fit every horse, thats just a fact. The idea is to get one that will fit as many different horses well as possible. The tree is the most important part of how a saddle fits a horse's back and the rider also. You have to start with a good tree to end up with a good saddle.. The tree can't really be seen once its covered up with leather, so some people don't think about the saddle tree's importance and that is a big mistake. I have even talked to people who didn't know that a saddle was built on a saddle tree or what the tree is.        

      Also on one of the pages dealing with saddle trees I will explain the differences between a Wade, Homestead, and a Hunt fork. Also about swell fork saddles, differences in the cantles, horns, ect. This will all be in general about the trees that I build and not someone's else's trees. My measurements might not work with some other trees. These would be with my bars, shaped how I do it, rocker and twist, and with the Rawhide I use ect. Even that two trees called "Wade" won't be exactly the same just because they have the "Wade" in the title. Two different tree makers Wade trees won't be exactly the same just because they are called "Wade". That is just their version of a Wade.

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