Handmade Quality

Order Deposit -------------------------------------------$ 200.00

Balance of Order Deposit (tree)-------------------$ 400.00

Materials Deposit-------------------------------------- $ 1200.00

Ordering a


How to Order a Saddle
     The first thing to do is contact me and get on my order list. I ask for a $200.00 deposit at that time which holds your spot on my order list. I can tell you how many saddles are on the list ahead of you at that time. I don't consider it an order until you send me the $200 to hold you a spot and is non refundable. I do that so I know you are serious and I don't have a bunch of non real saddle orders on my list. This was the most fair way I could come up. Sometimes I may talk to more than one person about a saddle the same day so when I get the order deposit I put them on the order list in the order I get the deposits.
     If I am ready to start the tree at the time I will need both the $200 and $400 deposit when I start the tree, this is mostly for the tree materials. If I am not ready to start trees yet, and still building saddles from my last bunch of trees,  I will contact you when I am starting trees again . This is when I need the $400 deposit. If for some reason your not ready then I will contact the next person on the list. You would go to the next available spot at the back of the list. You would lose your spot in line and would have to wait until your new number on the list is in the group of four or five I am starting.. This is the fairest way I can come up with and I will give you some time to send me the deposit , within reason. I will try to contact you ahead of time so you will know I am getting close to starting trees again. I can't make the other orders wait for to long and have to build all the trees at the same time.
     The materials order deposit I will ask for after the trees are done and I need to order the rest of the materials for the saddle, this would be leather, shearling, latigo leather, and other materials.. I will contact you when the tree is done. I usually build four or five saddles at once so I ask for everyone's deposit for materials at the same time , then order what I need. If I am building saddles at the time, when they are all done , I then start the next bunch of  trees. Your saddle will be built in the order of when you sent me the $200.00 deposit to hold your spot. This if the fairest way I have come up with. Out of the  saddles I build at a time I may be building one of those as a extra saddle which would be for sale. Or they could all five be orders, it depends on my orders.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me with them.

     The Balance of the base price and the stamping/carving cost is due when the saddle is finished. You would take the base price and deduct the deposits you had sent to get the base price balance due. Then we would have to add the carving or tooling to it. The shipping costs are extra or you can pick up the saddle if your close enough. You can also order matching saddle bags, breast collars, buck rolls, and other items that I will build with the saddle.


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Ordering a Saddle