On this page is basic  information about SFSS custom saddles and is it a kind of Homepage for Saddles here in the site. This page will kind of show you where to look for the information you want to find. This page is mostly for basic type info and shows you which page to look on for the information you need to order a custom saddle. You will notice that I pretty much just build ranch  type saddles and mostly horse saddles, and only western saddles. I have built some mule saddles also though that worked well. Feel free to call or email to ask any questions that I don't cover in this Saddles part of the site.

    TheMaterials Page is where you can find out information about the materials that go into one of my saddles. Things like the saddle skirting used, the weights and grades ect. What the saddles are lined with, only real shearling used here. Things about hardware, leather, stuff  I use in my saddle shop.

     The Ordering a Saddle is the best place to look for information and details about ordering a custom saddle.  There you will find details about deposits and how you would go about placing an order for a saddle.  Plus how the order of the build on my saddle orders is determined. You can also contact me if you have any questions that I haven't answered on the Ordering a Saddle Page.

     On the Base Price Page there is all the Saddle Base Price information and what is included in the base price and what is not included. On the Pricing page you will find the cost associated with any carving or stamping that you order on your saddle. Details about what a half-breed saddle, rough-out saddle, stamped saddle, or full floral saddle is. Also combinations of these.

     The Delivery Page talks about delivery time for an order. About shipping a saddle, the methods, and the costs. This page will also have information on how my saddle orders are built and the order they built in.

     The Saddle Pictures Page will have a few pictures of some saddles that have been ordered and built. Look for some different styles and designs on the page for ideas about your own saddle that you may be ordering. Also on the page is a link to a Photo Gallery that will have many more pictures in it of Saddles that are not on the Saddle Pictures Page. Plus Saddle Trees, some Tack, and what ever else I end up adding over time. You will find the link at the top left of the page and it will open in a new window when you click it.

     On the Pre-Built Saddles Page there will be information about any built up saddles that I have built, that are finished and ready for sale. This page will explain any differences between a custom saddle that you would order and one of these prebuilt saddles. Also there is a link on that page at the top left that will take you right to the Saddles category of the Online Mercantile. There you will find multi pictures and information about each saddle.  You also will be able to purchase any saddles there if you find one you like.

     The Tack and Supplies page link at the top left is the place to look for information and details about gear other than saddles being built by Slick Fork Saddle Shop. When you click the link it will take you to a page like this one only about those items.

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