Here on this page of the site when completed will be pictures below in a slideshow with the rawhide on the tree, dried out and ready to start the ground seat. Each tree will be labeled so that you know what it is by name and the measurements it was built to. This way you will be able to see what different Fork and Cantle combinations look like together. I think it helps as even I will put some together here in the shop just see how a certain Cantle may go together or not with a certain Fork. Each time a tree is built with a certain cantle and fork together , if its not in the slideshow I will take a picture and add it to the list with all the specs. Later when the saddle is all done, you can find it in the saddle pictures and see what it looked like in a finished saddle. Check back, the next bunch of trees I will be sure to get added in here. On the Cantles and Forks page you will find pictures or the different cantles or forks in the wood stage (before rawhide). So you will be able to see the differences in the shapes ect.

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