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A few examples

      Below I have a few saddle pictures for examples of saddles that had been built in the past put  into a slide show. The pictures on this page are likely to change from time to time as I add the new one's. You might see your saddle here if you have ordered or bought one in the past or you might see your new saddle here after I have shipped it to you.

    At the Right handed box above is a link to a separate photo album that has many more pictures in it of saddles, saddle trees, and a few other items. If you were looking at a saddle here that is now gone from this slide show gallery, look for it and others in the Photo Album. It will still be shown there in the Photo Album and  it also has all the information and details about the saddle. It is more of an true photo album so you will be better able to study the pictures there than you can here in the slide show below. The saddles there are shown by number and are in different smaller galleries according to either the tree the saddle was build on, the tooling, or style the saddle was built in. If you see one you like be sure to write the number down of the saddle you were looking at. You will notice that some saddles are shown in more than one of the sub galleries in the photo album. This would be because it may be an example of a certain tree and may also be in the gallery for certain tooling, ect.  If you want to see a certain "fork type", look at that gallery, but the same saddle may also be in the " floral" or some other gallery.  I have all the information on the tree, tooling, ect in my records according to the number of the saddle, so write down the numbers of the ones you like. I will be able to look up any info for you on things like what the Fork, Horn, or Cantle was, ect.

     If you were looking at one to help you pick out details on your own saddle, you may find others that will also give you ideas and that you may also like or like better. So be sure to check it out and see if anything shown there is to your liking. I have got myself a new Camera since most these were taken, my old one just about came over on the Mayflower. Some of these are Kids saddles that I make, see if you can tell which ones they are.



Link to Main Photo Album.

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Saddle Pictures