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Saddle Tree Covering


     Below are few pictures of a Wade tree. Some right after I have finished covering it with rawhide and it hasn't started to dry much yet . The one picture is of when I just started and have adjusted the hide on the tree where I wanted it. Notice the area with brands that I didn't use. In the two pictures I would have just finished putting in the nails and wrapped the horn with some stretchy material. This helps keep the rawhide down tight against the horn while it dries. After a day or so I take it off and let it finish drying around the horn. If the nails in the cantle and other places were left out the hide the hide would pull away from the cantle and be more like a drum than a seat. Its kind of a fine line, you have to put in enough nails without putting in to many nails. The critter this hide come off of had some white hair in him in a few places, almost kind of Roan . The hide will be reddish brown when dry but for the roan spot you will see by the horn in the picture after the shrink. Being white, when in the condition for putting on a tree, you never quite know what your going to get until dry. Notice also a picture of the same tree after its dry and ready to start a saddle on. See the Roan spot I mentioned by the horn in dried picture and the brands in the just getting started picture.

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  A Necessary Evil- You would understand after covering a tree !