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Pricing for Tooling and Carving


     These are costs that are not included or  " Extra" to the actual base price of a saddle. They will be added to the base price to figure up the final price of the saddle that you are ordering. Mostly these are just estimates as some things will take longer and some take less time. I try to charge based on the actual amount of time involved. So if your saddle takes me less time to do than what I have figured, I will charge you less.

      A " Half-Breed" saddle  usually will mean that the  saddle is build in a combination of Rough-Out and Smooth-Out with tooling or carving on the smooth portion. A " Half-Breed" may also be Smooth-Out in places where the Rough-Out would have been with the regular Smoot-Out that has tooling or carving.  The seat, fenders, and skirts would just be smooth with the beaded border, instead of rough with beaded border. Usually the Seat, Fenders, and Skirts are the parts of the saddle that will have the Roughout leather or Smoothout used. These parts either Roughout or Smoothout will have a Beaded border on them. The Riggin, Fork Cover, Cantle Back, and Back Jockeys will have the Tooling or Carving. You can also get the skirts with tooling or Carving if desired for and extra cost in addition to the shown Half -Breed prices.

     A "Full Stamped or Fully Carved Saddle" will mean that all of the parts of the saddle have been either Stamped or Floral Carved. These can also be mixed together. On mixed patterns we will have to figure out what is going where before we can figure the pricing so you will have to contact me. There is no set price, everything depends on how you order it.

     A " Base Price Saddle " is either a Roughtout or Smoothout Saddle with a simple border.

     A  "Corner Stamped or Carved Saddle" will have the corners of the parts of the saddle either Stamped or Floral Carved. This is different than the whole part of the saddle being Stamped or Carved. A Border Stamped Saddle will have some kind of Border tooling or Carving on it on the outside of each part of the saddle.


     There is no way for me to account for every different combination that we could do on a saddle so I know that I have something that are not shown here that you will think of when ordering a saddle. This page is just for some basic ideas and pricing. When you order the saddle we will figure out what you want and figure the price from that. Below  I have listed some options and the costs associated with them.

     Half-Breed Stamped ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 450.00

     Half-Breed Carved    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 900.00

     Full-Stamped            ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 950.00

     Full-Carved               ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 1900.00                           

     Stamped Corners      ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $50.00 each placement

     Floral Corners          ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $75.00 - $100.00 each placement

     Stamped Border     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $150.00  Total for Border on the Saddle

     Floral Border           ---------------------------------------------------- $300.00  Total for Floral Border on Saddle ( Like a Repeating Leaf Pattern)

      These costs are figured on the average amount of time involved to do the actual labor involved. Usually floral carving takes me about twice as long as does stamping. You will notice the prices are twice as much for the Carving as are the Stamped Versions. Please Keep in mind that these are just kind of estimates. If what you order takes me less time then I will charge less. If what you pick out is really involved and takes a lot more time, then the costs may be higher.

       Sometimes  things get changed up and I build a "Half-Breed" that has the fenders changed to Floral or basket instead of Rough-Out with the stirrups leathers on the outside of the fenders. Many have been built with Rough-Out Fenders and the Stirrup leathers outside and tooled to match saddle. So Below I have listed some prices for those options. Also you may order a "Half-Breed" but want the Skirts tooled so have those listed below also. Only the parts of the skirts that show will have tooling or carving on them. If you are ordering a Full Stamped or Full Carved these extra costs would not apply as are already figured into the prices for those options. Also below are some prices for things I call "other charges" this would be things like having me make a special fork or Cantle pattern for your saddle.  Swell Forks take more time to cover with both leather and Rawhide on the tree so I have an " other charge" for those. If I don't have to welt the fork cover I may charge you this fee. It will depend on the fork shape and width. I may not know until I actually put the fork cover on the saddle.You will find the "Other Charges" listed below the prices on some Stamping and Carving.

     Stamped Stirrup Leathers    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 100.00 per Pair

     Floral Stirrup Leathers         ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 250.00 Per Pair

     Full Stamped Fenders          ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 200.00 Per Pair

     Full Carved Fenders             ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 400.00 Per Pair

     Stamped Skirts                     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 175.00 Per Pair

     Carved Skirts                        ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 350.00 Per Pair

     Build Special Fork Pattern   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 200.00

     Swell Fork Saddle                 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 125.00

     Brand or initials                    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 50.00-75.00 Each

     Metal Horn                             ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $  50.00

     If you have any questions or I have left something out feel free to contact me so I can answer your questions. You can email me from the Contact page of this web site.