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     These " in stock" saddles are built exactly the same, with the same materials as saddles that are custom ordered and will have the same 5-year guarantee on the tree for breakage. The biggest difference is that you don't get to pick the details on the saddle like you would if you were ordering it custom. This is mostly because they are already built and ready for purchase. So you wouldn't get to pick things like the fork or the cantle of the tree. You wouldn't get to pick which style the saddle was built in, Smoothout, Roughout, Half-Breed, or Skirt shape. The Tooling / Carving is another thing that you would not be able to have input on. It may be possible to have your Brand or initials added, depending on what I did when I built the saddle and did the tooling. Most of the decisions will have been already made on the things mentioned above. You would be able to pick the stirrups you wanted if you have me order them for you. You would of course be able to add matching saddle bags, breast collars, buck rolls, and other items of this type.

      For some customers not being able to pick some of the above details might be considered a disadvantage. However in return for giving up some of the choices with one of these already built saddles there are some advantages. These saddles are built and ready so you don't have to wait for me to build and cover you a tree, cut out, carve or tool, build and finish the saddle. There would not be a wait on getting your saddle except for any matching items you order to come with the saddle and shipping time. This is really nice if you need a new saddle right away and don't have time to wait to have one custom built exactly like you want. Sometimes a saddle is needed quicker than I can build one for someone, so this is a good solution to that problem. If the seat length, fender length, tree specs. and design of the saddle fits you and your needs, then it can work out well. Take a look at the right hand  box where I have the Online Mercantile link. It will take you to the saddles category of the mercantile. Below the link you will see the text that says "See  Pre Built Saddles for Sale at the Online Mercantile". In that line of text I have the number of saddles that are on the Mercantile and for sale shown there. I will do my best to keep it up to date. Sometimes there may be more than one, or may not be any finished and ready yet . Or the saddle shown the last time you visited may have been sold. I will post pictures of them here also in a photo gallery for each saddle. Each Picture will enlarge when you click on them so that you can see them in larger detail. The gallery below is kind of slow loading depending on your internet speed. I have three of the pictures to the left also in case of the gallery not loading. There are many pictures on the Mercantile for you to look at also.

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