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The Parts of a Saddle


     I drew this simple drawing below so that we would be all talking about the same parts of a saddle when we discuss different things dealing with saddles. Sometimes I have run into customers who  didn't know what to call a certain part of the saddle when we were planning out the tooling and different things like that. They knew where they wanted it at , but didn't know what that piece of the saddle was called for sure, or at least what I call them.. This will help so that when we discuss the Skirts, Fenders, Billets, Seat Jockeys, Stirrup leathers, Rigging, Fork , or  Back Jockeys , plus others parts,  we are both talking about the same thing. I don't have the Cantle Back labeled , its the rear of the cantle you see from behind the saddle. The Piece that says flat plate is the riggin and is know as a flat plate riggin. I also have drawn three different skirt shapes to help with that. Its not a very fancy drawing and not exact, but will do the job for our purposes. You will also be able to look at the saddle pictures  to see the skirt shapes.

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Parts of a Saddle

No laughing at my drawing !