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    The Slick Fork Saddle Shop Online Mercantile is an online store where you can purchase prebuilt Saddles,Tack, and other gear produced by Slick Fork Saddle Shop. It is set up with a shopping cart and you may either register or shop as a guest. It will continue to grow over time and new products will be added as it is being slowly built up with items. Besides the gear being built by Slick Fork Saddle Shop there are also have some good leather care products available in the Mercantile and possibly some other products in the future. 

    I have  also built sub pages under Tack and Supplies showing information and details about the product categories that are available. On each page there is a link to the matching category in the mercantile. As an example if you are looking at the Reins page, the link at the top right will take you to the reins category page of the Mercantile. If you would like to find out some information about the products available go to the matching page in this site where  I have details and pictures for you to look at. Then if you are ready to purchase something, just click the link to the Mercantile category and begin shopping. It should open up in a new Window so you will be able to stay on the main site also. If you want to just go to the home page of the Online Mercantile and begin shopping now, just click the link in the box above on the right side of the page.

      If you are looking for a saddle that is already finished and ready for sale, see the In Stock Saddles page which is a sub page under Saddles in the above navigation bar. On that page I have information and  a link to the saddles category of the mercantile and also have the number shown of how many saddles are available in the Mercantile at this time. The number is shown in the text right below the link to the Mercantile on the In Stock Saddles page.

     Be sure to see the Sales and Specials page which is a sub page under the navigation for this Online Mercantile home page. There I have any sales or specials that are going on, plus news of any new things I have just added to the mercantile.

Online Mercantile

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Online Mercantile

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