Handmade Quality

Hardware &

Saddle Strings

    I will use either Stainless Steel hardware or Bronze hardware in some cases. I will hand cut the 3/8" Latigo strings and latigo lining on the billets and back cinch both cut from USA oiled latigo leather. I use  Stainless steel screws with a special high/low thread that holds really well and prevent backing out or working loose. .


Skirt Lining

   I will use only real shearling to line my saddles. That goes for even the Saddles that I am just repairing and relining.



      I use good skirting leather in my saddles, usually Hermann Oak 13/15 or 14/16 oz #1 skirting. My Base price has the 13/15 oz weight figured , but if you want the 14/16 oz it just adds the cost of the difference in leather price. On  straight roughout saddles I will use Hermann Oak's roughout grade skirting. Roughout grade means that it was graded on the flesh side for butcher cuts. Regular skirting graded is mostly on the hair side for defects like insect bites, barb wire scratches, brands, ect. Half-Breed roughout saddles will be #1 skirting with flesh side buffed as half of the grain side (hair side) will be out and half of the flesh side will show. On a saddle that is all smooth side out (grain or hair side out) or half-breed smoothout ( a combination of smoothout and tooled or carved smoothout skirting), I will use #1 Hermann Oak Saddle skirting that will be unbuffed on the flesh side.



     I build all my own saddle trees so I will build the tree right here in the shop. Everything is built strong by laminating for strength. Most of the tree is made from poplar except the fork which is more heavily laminated. The tree will be coated with 3 or 4 good coats of spar varnish and then hand covered with good rawhide. I give the tree plenty of time to shrink and dry then I use a good shellac on the rawhide to seal it up. After tree is completely dry I start the saddle. You can have your choice of my fork patterns and cantle patterns that I have built up. If you want something special built, then I charge for the extra time involved in building the pattern unless it is something I think I will build more of in the future.. I have a number of fork and cantle patterns so I am sure we can find something that you like. About everything I build anymore has a wood horn in it and I guarantee my trees for 5 years. On the Saddle Tree pages you will find some info on the angles, Gullet widths, horns, how my bars are shaped, cantle heights, gullet height, ect. I will have eventually have pictures up so you can see how the fork is laminated for strength, some cantle shapes, forks, ect.

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