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A few Questions I have been asked over the Years

Question #1- " How long does it take to make a saddle? "

Answer- Every saddle is different and take a different amount of time to build. They are not all the same. A saddle full floral carving take much longer than one built straight roughout. That's just one example. Even saddles that are about the same won't take exactly the same amount of time.

Question #2- " Why do I build my own saddle trees instead of buying them? "
Answer- Not because it easier or less work, that's for sure. If I build it myself I know I will have a good tree to start when I build a saddle. Plus problems can't be blamed off onto the tree maker when your own the tree maker!

Question #3- " How long does it take for me to get my saddle after I order it? "
Answer- See question #1, It really depends on how many orders are ahead of you when you order yours and how they were ordered. The fancier , the more time it takes to build them. I have to finished with the orders ahead of you before I can build yours. The quicker you send your order deposit and hold your spot the quicker you will get it.

Question #4- " Are the saddles that you have built for sale, built the same quality as if I ordered one custom? "
Answer- I build them the same high quality, using the same materials in either case. The difference is that you didn't get to pick what you wanted exactly. Like which cantle, what tooling, what makes it truly a custom saddle,  because the saddle is already built and those things are already set. See the In-Stock saddles page for all the information and details about prebuilt saddles.

Question #5- " How do I know what I want to order? "
Answer-  That's a good question, I can give you ideas on what I think works the best, but some of it is going to come down to your own idea of what you want. I would think about what you will be doing with the saddle. What you want to saddle to look like and which saddles I have built that you like the look of. Be sure to see the photo gallery of saddles I have built for other customers and write down the numbers of the saddles you like best.

Question #6 " How do I go about ordering a saddle? "
Answer- Go to the Ordering a Saddle Page and you will find out about deposit amount to hold you a spot and information on what to do if your ready to order. You should be able to find what you need to know there, but feel free to email or call me to talk things over.

Question #6 - " How much will my Saddle weigh? "
Answer- That depends on how you order it to some extent. A swell fork saddle will weigh more than a slick fork saddle- more wood in the fork. Bigger skirts will add more weight. Rounds skirts being the lightest and Old time Square the heaviest.. 14/16 skirting will weigh more than 13/15oz.. If you get big wide 6" stirrups they will weigh more than narrower 2" stirrups. Of course saddle bags, breast collars, ect will all add weight. A longer seat length will weigh slightly more than a short seat length, more wood, rawhide, and leather. I try to save weight everywhere I can, to make them as light as I can and still do what I think they need to do. I would say somewhere around 40 lbs or so is in the range of what most of my saddles will weigh. Maybe a bit more or  less. Being handmade they don't all turn out the same weight!

Question #7 - " What if I have a question that isn't shown here ?"
Answer - Go to the contact SFSS page and email me your question. I will try and answer it for you and If it is a good one I will add it here to these other questions!

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