Time and Method

     The delivery time for when your saddle will be delivered will depend on many different factors. The saddles ordered before yours will have to be built before I can start on your saddle. They will be built according to the order of my saddle order list so the quicker you get send your deposit and get on the list the quicker you would get your saddle. Some of the delivery time will depend on how the saddles that were ordered before your's have been ordered. If they have a lot of tooling on them, they will take much longer than if they were straight roughouts or with little tooling. If extras were ordered like saddle bags, breast collars, buck rolls, ect. then these items have to all be built so they can go with the saddle. If I had to make a new tree pattern that will add time. I still do some repair work, so I usually have to do it when it comes thru the door. I  try and slip it in while I am waiting for something on the saddles I am building to either dry or case, ect as a fill in. Some of it will depend on how you ordered your saddle and whether you had a special tree or tooling, ordered matching items with it,  ect. There are no hard and fast rules because of the differences in each saddle being built and everyone of them takes a different amount of time to build. Plus the work is done by hand.

     The way that I usually ship saddles is by UPS. They are shipped in a strong cardboard box and well packaged. Saddles will be shipped insured with tracking info so that we can keep track of where it is at. The best way I have found is to put the saddle in one of my Saddle size Gear Bags then put it inside the box and package well. The gear bags will be available for you to purchase  plus this gives you something to put your saddle in when you throw it into the back of your truck. The bag help protect the saddle while its inside the box and you will have good use for it after your receive the saddle. You can come and pick up your saddle at the shop also and save the shipping charges. I charge for the cost of the box and what ever the UPS fees are. You would also have the cost of the gear bag that you will be able to use anyway so its money well spent. You don't have to get one of the gear bags, but  then do I charge a boxing charge. I have to spend way more time packing saddle inside the box so that it will travel well inside the box. Really the best option is to use one of the gear bags for shipping and you will come out better cost wise since it is something that you can use for many years.

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