Cantle Patterns

Shovel Cantles                         Oval Cantles

4" x 11"            Shovel                    4" x 12.50"      Oval                    

4.50" x 11"       Shovel                    4.50" x 12.50" Oval

5" x 11"            Shovel                    5' x 12.50"       Oval

4" x 11.75         Shovel                   Kids                 Oval

4.50" x 11.75"  Shovel

5" x 11.75"       Shovel

Kid's                 Shovel

Fork Patterns

Slick Forks                                Swell Forks

Hunt   4" stock                                   Kids Swell Fork

Homestead 4 1/2" stock

Wade  5" Stock

Kids Wade

       Here I have listed some of the Forks and Cantles that I am building. One important thing to remember when you are thinking about saddle trees is that 2 trees both called a " Wade Tree" may not be exactly the same. Its more like that this is this tree makers version of a Wade tree and the other one is another tree makers version. This kind of goes for all trees, they are really just the tree makers own version  of that particular tree . My trees are the same in that regard. These are my versions of the listed forks and cantle. On the left of the page I have listed the Fork Patterns I have built up and on the right of the page I have listed the Cantles. You can really put any of these forks with any of the cantles, but there are some that will go together better than others. Later on I will have pictures below in a slide show showing the Forks and Cantles with the name and measurement of each after the Rawhide is on and dry. They will added to as I build trees, It may take awhile to get them all in here as I do build more of some than I do others. Some of the Fork patterns are ones that I just kind of drew and made up so they may not match others by name you have seen. The measurements on the Cantles is " in the wood" , meaning before rawhide. The 11.75" wide cantle will be around 12" once the rawhide is on and dry, some of this depends on the hide itself.

       On the forks listed I am just listing my Slick Forks for now except for the kids swell fork. I have a number of the Swell fork patterns built up , but most were made before I started putting a wood horn on them. So I want to redo them with wood horns and then list them here as I am able to do that. I may build some of them up for the prebuilt saddles as a way to get pictures of each. If your looking for a swell fork just contact me and see the saddles that have been built in the past to see the available patterns.

    The Hunt, Homestead, and Wade Forks are all the exact same shape and cut out with the same pattern. The difference in the three is the thickness of the block of wood they are cut from. You would see this when looking at them from the side of the saddle (Thicker). The horn Caps are also get bigger as the forks get thicker to match. "Stock" refers to the thickness of the block of wood they are cut from on the bandsaw.

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