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     I will start with my own rawhide covered tree built here in the shop with your choice of my Cantle and Fork patterns and in the seat length you order. I will use 13/15 oz Hermann Oak Saddle skirting, real shearling skirt lining, and Domestic oiled latigo lining on the Loop style Billets and Back Cinch. The Billets  and Back cinch will be stitched with extra stitching for strength and to help prevent stretching. Saddles will come with a 1 3/4" Latigo and Half-Breed Latigo. You can also order a saddle with a latigo on both the near and off-sides and two latigo keepers. Saddles will come with a standard 6 button seat, 6 latigo saddle strings and stamped leather conchos. Included in the base price is a mulehide horn wrap and a cross over rope strap with roller buckle. Base price Saddles will come standard with a Flat plate riggin which many saddle makers charge extra for. You get your choice of Baby Cheyenne Roll or a Straight Up Cantle Binding. The Saddle will have 3" wide full length stirrup leathers with Blevin's Quick change buckles with twisted and wrapped stirrup leathers. Saddles with come with a Hobble Hanger, Latigo Keeper, and Cinch Keeper. A nice beaded border or other simple borders are included in the base price. Choice of all Roughout, Smoothout or Half-Breed ( a combination of rough and smooth leather).

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Saddle Base Price

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Base Price

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        Any special built tree pattern is not included in the base price of a saddle. Changes in riggin position or type may add to the base price depending on what is involved in the requested changes. Eight Button seats are not included in the base pricing. If you order your stirrup leathers on the outside of the fenders it is an extra charge, usually due to the extra labor for tooling on those. Breast Collars, Buck Rolls, Saddle Bags, Headstalls, any extras like these are not included in the saddle base price. The tooling/carving is not included in the base price and is added to the finished cost of the saddle. A simple border is included as mentioned above in the included section. Any shipping to get the saddle to you is not included and any silver you order for the saddle is not included in the base price. Inlaid and padded seats are not included in the base price. I let provide your own front cinch as I have learned everyone kind of has their own Idea of what kind they want as far the front cinch goes. I figured that it is better to do it this way than include and charge for one in the base price that you may not end up using. . I also am letting you provide your own stirrups, but I will order some nice custom ones for you at cost if you want me to in the size and style you want. I in the past included custom 2" Morans in the base price but not everyone wanted that particular stirrup and often ended up ordering a different thread size. So the last time when material costs made it necessary to raise the base price, I took the cost of the stirrups out of the price figures. You will find prices for most of the not include items mentioned above on the Pricing Page.  Be sure to take a look at it to see the pricing, information, and details.


Base Price

Current Base Price-------------------------------$2995.00

Base Price


     The Base Price really is just what the starting price for a saddle is called. You can then add options to order one with more  tooling/carving and or other options that are not included in the base price of your saddle if you would like to to. Or you can order the saddle built like as configured in the Base Price. Some customers  end up just going with a base price saddle which will be a really nice saddle. Some will order some extra options while still staying pretty basic. And some order a saddle fully carved or stamped with Silver and the whole nine yards. That's kind of the idea anyway, to get it as plain or as fancy as you want. The base price will change as needed to keep up with increased materials and other costs. Below you will find information and what is and what is not included in the saddle base price and some of the options available. These options would add to the finished cost of a saddle. See the Pricing page to get examples of costs for some of the different options . If I have not listed something or you have questions feel free to contact me for more information.

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